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Leaderboard - Introduction to Computer

Number Name - Surname Country Correct Number Finish Time Score
1onhkmooo2010 sn.1290
2slhttncnkrglORDU17270 sn.780
3ferideORDU18390 sn.710
4ugurcan calis ORDU14253 sn.647
5CananORDU12310 sn.490
6Murat ŞARMANooo531 sn.419
7muratsarman@gmail.comooo117 sn.233
8esinkeskinooo120 sn.230
9muratsarman@gmail.comooo120 sn.230
10Z5Z1ZJWUYR140AG35UPD67JXР РѕСЃСЃРёСЏ-1608336901 sn.0
11muratsarman@gmail.comooo-1681655314 sn.0
12muratsarman@gmail.comordu-1681655278 sn.0
13Denemeooo1625 sn.-375

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